SMT stencil wiper roll sample questionnaire

Stencil wiper roll performance for SMT stencil cleaning is a clearly under estimated compontent for solder paste printing yield. Use this form to get a
quotation on Hyperclean that will fit your machine and process and cut your costs. 

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Pär Gester

Hyperclean PX3800 wiper rolls
Hyperclean PX3800 wiper rolls

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Contact information

Please provide name and e-mail so we can contact you when we have a result.

Current roll brand and fabric

What is the fabric (paper) material in the roll you are currently using?

If you don't want to share stencil roll origin, enter an "X" in the box.

About your printer

Let us know what printer you are using.

Fabric width and length

What fabric width do you want on your Hyperclean samples? 

Optional, let us know the lenght of the fabric you need.

We also need to know how the fabric is fed into your printer.

Core length, diameter and notch

We need to know core length, inner and outer core diameter that will fit your printer perfectly.

Is there a notch on the core? Let us know length and width.

Attach files and comments

Attach files here; photos, drawings or other documents.

If you have any further comments, write them here or attach a file with comments.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect data for providing perfect Hyperclean samples.

We also process collected data for R&D purposes.

Not a Hyperclean roll