“Very strong, great cleaning characteristics, high level absorbent and extremely low in lint. “

Have you heard it before? Almost all stencil wiper roll manufacturers say the same. But are these parameters important and are they backed up by evidence or is it

Let’s have a closer look at SMT stencil roll parameters.

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Three SMT Stencil core materials

By Pär GesterSMT Express

In SMT stencil cleaning roll cores, mainly two different materials, PVC or paper, are used. Other materials, such as polypropylene, are rarer. Here we will review the pros and cons of the different materials. But it's not enough to consider the core as a separate product, we must also look at the whole picture to make the right choice. But let’s start with a review of the different core materials in this article.

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By Pär Gester, SMT Express
Edited 2020-02-04

An ESD protected area, ESDPA or just EPA, is an area set up in a facility that is protected from the effects of static electricity. The exclusion of static generating material is crucial to maintain an EPA. No object should be brought into the EPA that can tribocharge and discharge rapidly.

Companies take this seriously by using ESD safe tools, grounding work surfaces and having staff use special shoes and garments.

However, there is one strange exception to these precautions; the SMT stencil cleaning roll. 

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Standard  fabric catastrophic performance

By Pär Gester, SMT Express

The fabric in SMT stencil cleaning rolls must have a so-called high coverage. Otherwise, the fabric will have areas where the density is either too high or too low to perform well. This short article shows why.

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Solder balls trapped in Hyperclean

By Pär Gester, SMT Express

Solder paste screenprinting is known to be one of the most difficult processes to quality assure in Printed Board Assembly (PBA) manufacturing. An important process step in solder paste screenprinting is the under stencil cleaning process and one of the key materials in this process is the cleaning fabric.  This IPC report describes how cleaning fabrics can be tested and it also tells how big differences it can be between different materials.

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Electronic manufacturing insights found here

This news section is all about the SMT soldering paste printing and cleaning process. 

Electroncis manufacturing is facing new challanges every day. The solder printing process is the fundament for subsequent process steps. There is no longer room for using the "cheapest" materials. 

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