Hyperclean® SMT Stencil Cleaning Rolls

Hyperclean® PX3800 SMT stencil wiper roll, designed and manufactured by us, gives you a unique combination of zero lint, ESD safe and high-performance cleaning. Designed for SMT stencil cleaning from fiber and up!

  • Zero lint design. No paper, cellulose or rayon
  • ESD safe - dissipative fabric and core
  • Excellent stencil cleaning - unique fabric developed by SMT Express
  • Low solvent use or use dry
  • Smart core for easy loading and unloading
  • Recyclable parts
Hyperclean® is available for all major SMT screen printers: DEK, MPM, EKRA, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fuji, Samsung, Minami, Speedprint, SJ Innotech. Custom sizes can be manufactured.

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Just another overclaimed, standard product?

Pär Gester - Hyperclean PX3800 designer Pär Gester - Hyperclean PX3800 designer

The simple answer is NO. The stencil wiper roll Hyperclean PX3800 is unique, based on our proprietary fabric. There is nothing standard in Hyperclean and you can't find it from anywhere else than SMT Express and our distributors.

Hyperclean is designed and manufactured by SMT Express using engineering skills and with deep knowledge about the SMT printing process. 

If you also think it's a good idea to minimize solder defects, contact me and I will help you to successfully upgrade your stencil cleaning process.

Best regards
Pär Gester


Zero lint technology

Hyperclean PX3800 fabric is lint free

The PX3800 fabric and core are designed by SMT Express for SMT stencil cleaning with a zero lint approach.

The lint problem is reason enough to never use paper-based fabric or core in the SMT printer. Any paper or rayon based fabric or core will release fibre particles and should not be used in your SMT line!

Superior cleaning

Excellent cleaning and no smearing

Hyperclean PX3800 cleans better. The fabric is 100% specified and manufactured for use in Hyperclean rolls only and can not be found in any other product on the market.

Most other roll manufacturers use of-the-shelf standard multipurpose fabrics and offer them as stencil cleaning rolls. We know what we are doing!

ESD safe

Antistaic fabric and core

Hyperclean is the first true and tested ESD safe stencil wiper roll on the market!

Dissipative fabric and core are unique on the market, surface resistance is <1011 Ohm.

Hyperclean PX3800 is delivered with zero tribo-charge in a dissipative bag.

Low solvent waste

No solvent is used to soak fibres
No solvent is used to soak fibres

The special properties of Hyperclean keeps the solvent on the outside of the fabric fibers. Solvent rapidly spreads circular, making the cleaning process more efficient, with the potential to use less IPA resulting in cost savings and reduction of solvent vapor in the environment. 

The capillary forces are utilized to convey solvent from the fabric to the stencil, rather than squeezing the fabric between stencil an cleaning nozzle. Lower forces leads prolonged stencil life.


Smart cores makes handling easy
Smart cores makes handling easy

Our cores are made of 100% ESD safe polypropylene. Using state of the art extruding technology, we get a core with the right amount of flexing so it fits all printer. 

We also get rid of the weak and dusty paper cores as well as the dirty PVC, frequently used in SMT stencil rolls.

The cores are unique to Hyperclean and fits perfect in every printer.

That is attention to details!


Recycling Hyperclean PX3800 is easy
Recycling Hyperclean PX3800 is easy

Hyperclean is based on plastic materials (polypropylene) and can be fully recycled without separation of parts. 

Hyperclean can also be incinerated with basically only water and carbondioxide as emmissions.

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