SMT stencil wiper roll sample and productivity questionnaire

Stencil wiper roll performance for SMT stencil cleaning is a clearly under estimated compontent for solder paste printing yield. Use this form to get a free Hyperclean sample that will fit your machine and process and cut your costs. Please take the roll you're using today and fill out the form below.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Pär Gester

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Hyperclean PP4200 wiper rolls
Hyperclean PP4200 wiper rolls

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Contact information

Please provide name and e-mail so we can contact you when we have a result. 

About your printer

Let us know what printer you are using.

Great if you can let us know how many rolls you use per year.
If you don't want to share rolls consumption, enter "0".

Roll brand and fabric

What is the fabric (paper) material in the roll you are using?  If you don't want to share stencil roll origin, enter an "X" in the box.

Fabric W and L

First measurement is the fabric (paper) width and length. Please measure the actual width. Rate the width of the fabric. (Tolerance rating)

Great also if you measure the roll length. (How many meter of fabric on the roll.) Otherwise, enter the information in the roll data sheet. 

Core material and length

What is the core made of?

Measure the core length. Please also let us know how you rate the length.

Core notch

Is there a notch on the core? Measure the lenght and rate it.

Measure the  notch width and rate it.

Core diameter

Cores are rarely round pipes. Cheap materials and manufacturing technology makes cores oval in most cases. Find the min and max values.

Rate the outer diameter, does it work well in your printer?

Core wall and inner diameter

Wall thickness is next to be checked. You will probaly find that the wall thicknes vary, try to find min and max values.

The inner diameter is not measured as it is rather difficult to get it right. But please tell us if you're happy with the core inner diameter and what the perfect inner diameter would be. What we ask is; does it fit your printer perfectly?

Roll and core waste

What happens to the used rolls? Do you recycle? Are USC roll disposal defined in your environment policy? You can check more than 1 box.

Attach files

Attach files here; photos or other documents.


If you have any further comments, write them here or attach a file with comments.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect data for providing perfect Hyperclean samples.

We also process collected data for R&D purposes.

Send us a sample

It would be very helpful if you could send us 50-100 cm of used stencil roll fabric (from normal production). Send by normal post to:

Pär Gester
SMT Express
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Lgh 1503
SE-181 37 Lidingo