Hyperclean for DEK

By Pär Gester, SMT Express

If your DEK printer is equipped with a nylon bracket for the stencil roll, you need a Hyperclean roll with smaller core diameter. Hyperclean PP4200 is also sold as DEK UFP-ECO and Scanditron Stencil Roll

Some DEK printers have a nylon bracket to hold the stencil cleaning roll. This means that the outer diameter is critical. For DEK printers with a metal plunge in the roll feeding mechanism, the inner diameter is critical. Hyperclean PP4200 is therefore available in 2 versions for DEK printers. D-core inner diameter is 19,5 mm and has a notch. D-core is perfect for machines using the metal plunge. The DH core inner diameter is 19,0 mm without notch and is developed for the nylon bracket fixture. SMT Express and our distributors can supply both types of DEK rolls.

The DEK/ASM UFP ECO and Scanditron stencil roll are manufactured in the same prodction line as Hyperclean PP4200.

Updated Hyperclean TDS is available for download. Data are actual data, tested and verified by SMT Express.

Update 2017-09-01: This article is about the old Hyperclean roll PP4200. The new Hyperclean PX3800 uses the same core for all DEK printers.

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